Where the cost of your sessions is covered either by private health insurance, your company, or an Employee Assistance Service, then they will normally state at the outset the number of sessions that they are willing to pay for. You might normally expect this to be between 5 and 12 sessions, depending on your cover.


The first session is a full assessment. At the end of this we will mutually decide whether to proceed and if so, we will plan dates and times, usually between 6 – 12 sessions. We will review progress in each session and at the end of this course of therapy decide whether to continue or discharge. If, after the initial assessment we decide not to work together I will provide you with details of alternative practitioners or agencies.

As the client, you may terminate your therapy at any time, and there is no obligation to complete the agreed sessions.



Sessions are normally weekly or fortnightly, as this provides the best continuity and outcome. However, this does not preclude sessions on an occasional basis.


The face-to-face session time is 50 minutes (with 10 minutes thereafter for writing up/preparation for the next session). Unfortunately if you are late arriving, the session will still need to finish at the pre-arranged time so as not to delay the next client. Where for any reason, any delay is my responsibility; the time will always be made up to you.


Appointments are normally scheduled to start either “on the hour” or “on the half hour”. This allows me, the therapist 10 minutes between clients to ensure that the session notes are complete and to prepare for the next client, in the same way that I will be prepared for you. It is not usually possible for clients to arrive early for their sessions, as I will normally either be working with the previous client, or completing paperwork prior to my next client.  



I respectfully request 48 hours notice (telephone call) if you are unable to attend a session. With 48 hours notice there are no cancellation charges. However, if I do not receive this advanced notice then the full fee is payable. Where unreliability is a problem, I reserve the right either to terminate the therapy, or to ask for payment in advance of the sessions booked.

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