Depression & Anxiety

Most people know what its like to feel sad or unhappy. Having times in your life where you feel fed up and low is completely normal and is often a reaction to the situations we encounter; for example, the death of someone close, a relationship difficulty or problems at work.

Whilst most of the time this is a temporary state, occasionally this low mood can persist or worsen, appearing to overshadow our entire life. This is depression. However, depression is not just about our mood state. It involves the way we think, the way we feel and what we do, all of which alters when we feel depressed.

People who suffer from depression may describe experiencing:
• Pervasive low mood
• Poor self-esteem and self-confidence
• A preoccupation with negative thoughts
• Being unusually irritable or impatient
• Finding it difficult to concentrate or make decisions
• Feeling numb, empty, and lethargic
• Change in sleep pattern
• Reduced engagement in normally pleasurable activities.

Therapy can be used to develop a greater understanding as to the origins and development of the depression whilst also focusing on ways to try and alleviate the negative impact it has one one’s life.

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